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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!



"Your team is always professional, friendly and gives a great explanation of the orthodontic process. Everybody was exceptional."  E.S.


"Dr. Elchahal is the best! He made my teeth beautiful and now I love to smile all the time! Thank you so much!!" K.B.


"Dr. Elchahal really helped me gain a beautiful smile! All of your offices are clean and welcoming, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Alec Elchahal Orthodontic Group to anyone! Thanks again for my gorgeous smile!"  L.M.


"Thanks so much for my beautiful teeth! All of my friends were astounded when I came back to school after I got my braces off. Thank you!"  C.T.


"I interviewed six other orthodontists before choosing Dr. E. Love, love, love your office!"  S.R.


"This orthodontist is AMAZINGGG!!" K.P.


"The staff is so friendly and makes me feel at ease.  I referred my girlfriend here and she is thrilled as well!" R.D.


Love Elchahal Orthodontics!  Whenever I come in for my appointments, I feel like I'm in good hands.  I'm always treated nicely and receive smiles starting right at the door!"  M.S.


"Dr. Elchahal and his staff were all so nice and really gave me an awesome smile that I can be proud of!"  M.L.


"Everyone in your office is great!  Your staff is very nice and professional.  Thank you!"  N.L.


"All of my brothers and sisters went to Dr. Elchahal for their braces.  Great place!  I give it 5 stars and recommend it for people who need braces."  D.J.


"You gave me an award winning smile! Thank you so much Dr. Elchahal and staff!"  C.W.


"Elchahal Orthodontics is a great place to get a beautiful smile!  I especially like the toothbrush stations, the nice staff, the cookies at the front desk and the Smile Rewards Card!"  L.T.


"Dr. Elchahal is a great orthodontist.  The staff is so friendly, they helped me overcome my fear of orthodontics.  Also, there is never a long wait for your appointment.  Dr. Elchahal is so nice and has a great smile!" A.C.


"When I got my braces, it didn't hurt unlike what my friends said!  Dr. E and his team are great at what they do!"  J.W.


"Dr. Elchahal's office is FANTASTIC.  Before I went, I was so scared but now I look forward to going! I can't believe how straight my teeth are getting!" S.C. 


"My teeth used to be very crooked but now they look perfect!"  P.T.


"Dr. Elchahal and his team are wonderful! I cannot express how nice and helpful everyone is in the office.  My mom and I are always greeted with kindness, seen promptly, and given quality attention from the time we enter the doors to the time we leave.  More kids would wear braces if they went to Dr. Elchahal!  Who knew that wearing braces could be so much fun!"  C.B.


"One of the most professional teams I interviewed!  High tech, but down to earth and a friendly staff.  Would recommend, and have to all my friends!"  A.K.


"All of the staff have been so kind, patient and helpful.  We are still early in the process, and we are looking forward to seeing great results!" R.D.


"Dr. Elchahal- you are the best orthodontist ever!! :) My teeth look fantastic and it is because of you.  Thank you! S.R.  


"Dr. Elchahal is the best!  He made my teeth beautiful and now I love to smile! J.S.